Class Descriptions

Level 1

This class is a basic fundamentals of a Hatha Yoga practice. Great for brand new beginners, continuing students seeking a slower pace and those with specific physical concerns, emphasizing postural alignment and basic breathing techniques. Standing, seated and inverted postures will be taught so they are accessible and beneficial to everyone. Perfect for first-time or continuing students.

Level 1-2

This practice is more challenging than a Level 1; however, the pace is slower than a vinyasa or power practice. As we begin develop strength and flexibility through longer holds of postures we can expect a challenge, as we give postures the time to imprint. The perfect class for all levels and seasoned practitioners as you refine the relationship to your body and awaken to new habits.


This practice is very dynamic and athletic; you'll be guided through a blend of sun salutations, standing, balancing and seated postures, core work, and inversions. Appropriate modifications and variations will be offered to meet all needs. As you move through this flow you will be guided to stay connected to your breath. It will detoxify the body, while utilizing a physical practice to quiet a busy mind. Come play!

Ashtanga Mix (Rock It)

Ashtanga Mix incorporates poses from first and second series to create a dynamic, all-levels flow. The class for brand new students can be challenging, students are encouraged to mindfully test their edge while exploring basic postures, arm balances, inversions, and transitions within a set sequence. Rocket Yoga is an Ashtanga Yoga System created by Larry Schultz from San Francisco who was a dedicated student of Pattabhi Jois, Larry created this sequence while on tour with the Grateful Dead.

Power Flow

60 minutes of strength based sun salutations, warrior sequences, and balance postures followed by a short cool down. Emphasis will be on the importance of strengthening the core and challenging the body to find a new edge. This class will be quick paced prior yoga experience is recommended but not required.

Morning Flow

Wake up and celebrate your magnificent day. This ALL LEVEL class consists of a practice designed to build strength, balance and flexibility. Come wake up your body, settle your mind and find your breath. It’s the perfect way to start your day. :)

Slow Flow

This steady practice sequences postures flowing slowly from one to the next with emphasis on holding the postures in between the flow. It includes a focus on the breath, but emphasizes a softer more gentle approach to the practice while simultaneously challenging the mind and body. Appropriate for new and continuing student, as with all practices modify when necessary.


Kundalini yoga is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic, breathing techniques, meditation and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning “truth is my identity." The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

Candlelight Yoga

Just you and your mat surrounded by calming music and a dimly lit glow. This candlelight practice will combine the fundamentals of Hatha yoga and explore a deeper expression to your practice. Connecting to your breath will be a focus of this class as well as building strength, and increasing flexibility. A great way to unwind at the end of the day.

$5 Community Class

You may use your class package or pay ONLY $5!!! Great opportunity to bring a friend.  You will guided through postures based on your level of experience. With every yoga class, listen to your body, take a resting pose as needed or amp up the tone of your practice with challenging variations.  This practice sequences yoga postures flowing from one posture to the next connected to the breath with strong emphasis on alignment and generally derives influences from a blend of traditions.


Leave your worries at the door and step into a safe place where you can let it all go! Release your stress in this mellow, yet mindful, practice. This practice will prepare the body with gentle asana’s (postures) and breath awareness. Omitting the chaturanga’s (yoga push-ups), instead this practice puts emphasizes on slower paced movements. After about 50 minutes you will move into a resting pose and guided into relaxation. All levels welcome.


Yin/Restorative yoga is a gentler practice where postures are held for an extended period of time sometimes using props or just your own body weight.  The bodies deeper connective tissues are worked with focus on a specific body part to release tension, improve joint mobility, and alleviate pain. Suitable for everyone, this is a perfect complement to one's yang practice. (Flow, Power, Vinyasa, etc.)

Relax & Unwind

Relax & unwind is blend of yoga and movement to gently relax. This practice is less physically demanding, we never get on our feet and uses props for gentler approach to let go of the stress. We do not hold postures as long as a yin class; however, you will release the tension from your fingers to your toes.

Ashtanga Mix

For students with at least one year of consistent vinyasa practice. This is a set sequence-flowing style in which the same poses are always done in the same order. The primary series is called Yoga Chikitsa, which means yoga therapy. It is intended to realign the spine, detoxify the body, and build strength, flexibility, and stamina. This class covers the primary series of the ashtanga system, as taught in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India


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